Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I like about Blogger

I have been aware of blogger's existence for a few years now, but it has never spoken so loudly like it is now. Besides blogger bringing a comfort to me, as it allows me to free write, I come to this site more because of you

I like seeing how people represent themselves and what better way to get to know a person. It's funny how reading a person's blog is better (in my opinion) than having a conversation. You get the front row to their thoughts, especially the thoughts they wouldn't utter out loud. 

I like reading what people think about; what kind of chaos goes on in their mind, what's important to them or influences them. The posts that tell your heart this is them naked; honest, bold, pure, especially when you realize they weren't smiling as they wrote this. Yeah, those posts make me see we really are all human. No one's any better than the next person.

I love reading about how a person is (acts) from a different state, or country. Because in every location, culture portrays differently. And culture affects everyone; it raises you!  I like finding a person's humor though their writing. I like seeing a person's writing style and the insight you guys provide. I'm always 'listening.' I like reading about how a person spends their time. Time is important, yet easily forgotten. Out of all the things you could be doing this is what you're doing....

So, what do you like?


Lettuce Head


  1. It’s funny you should mention that we post thoughts, which we wouldn’t ordinarily say aloud. I occasionally get something I’ve written quoted back to me (something I may never get used to), and I always think, that wasn’t supposed to be discussed.

    OK, so what do I like? I like the fact my friend Heather has just moved into a house near where I live. So we can pop round for coffee and natter a lot more frequently now.

    And, I like the fact you’ve put my ‘button’ on your blog – I really appreciate it, thank you. Now, for fear of my comment getting longer than your post, I’ll end now.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  2. I like that, though I live in conservative small town where creativity is starved and my expressions would be shunned, I can connect through the internet with writers and readers and creative people around the the world.

    I like when I'm on a roll and people let me know it via e-mail, twitter, or my blog. I like when I think I'm on a roll and the same people let me know that I'm really not.

    I like when I'm mired in the muck of doubt, fear, and self-pity, and people send me e-mails, tweets, or blog comments that pick my chin right up. I like when I'm mired in the muck and people let me know they're down there too so at least we're not alone.

  3. I love blogger for exactly the same reasons as you, but there's another one that is a bit more selfish...

    I like what it does FOR ME to post my innermost thoughts and feelings, only to have twenty or so people tell you that they get the same thoughts and feelings all the time.

    It's sometimes scary to post 100% honesty, but it's so liberating!

    Great post

  4. Greetings,
    It's a fascinating place out in blogland. I love the interaction, the diversity and a real sense of community. It's amazing how many wonderful folks I have connected with from all over the world. In fact, I consider it a profound learning experience as we reach out to humanity in all walks of life.
    A big hello to you from a Canadian living in England:-) Thank you for this posting and your interaction.
    Have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary.

  5. Yes, I also love that about the blogosphere: Seeing how others write and live. I'm the UK and I get visitors from all over the world.

  6. I like the variety and the endless support.

  7. I started following blogs for advice on writing and the publishing industry.

    I started my own blog as a way for my family and friends overseas to follow our life more regularly than my (infrequent) letters and emails.

    The first worked well. The second not so. But both have morphed into finding a like-minded community to share in, and support each other on, our individual journeys.

  8. I loved all your answers! Which is probably why I'm following you ;)

  9. Agreed! Blogging creates a network of support and hearing (reading) what people really want to say without our mouths fouling it up is a great perk. For writers, we get to use our favorite outlet for expressing ourselves--writing. Yay for writers who blog!

    So glad I've found your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

    ~ Jackee

  10. Seriously Jackee, I've learned so much about writing because of Blogger.

  11. For thousands of years, humans kept diaries and journals. When they died, their words were often discovered for others to read. Now, we keep blogs; very public and open, for sure. But at least we're alive to see the effect our words have on the world around us.


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