Friday, October 1, 2010

Location Blog Fest

Here is my attempt at drawing my version of Woodsville! Please check out the rest of the candidates. Have a wonderful first day of October, everyone :)


Lettuce Head


  1. Kind greetings,
    Your drawing of 'Woodsville', is absolutely delightful. I love the colours you have used.
    Here's wishing you and those who visit your superb site, a peaceful and positive October 1st.
    I'm almost into October 2nd. Time zones, eh lol
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)

  2. I like! What medium did you use? Is this on a computer?

  3. This is killer Lettucehead-you're the drawyest drawer on blogspot.

  4. Klahanie - Thanks so much, Gary. I'm glad you've stopped by my page and enjoyed the view. I hope your day went just as peaceful :)

    Chris Phillips - I actually drew it with a pencil on a good ol' white/computer paper. Once I upload it, I color it in with Paint. If only I had photoshop :)

    Sam - Thanks lady. Mwhahaha your teeth aren't covered in your profile pic!

  5. You'rrre welcome! Damn! Don't look okay? LOL

  6. how do you do it :-)

    Your great, this is so cool!! :-D

  7. Great picture! Well done for using Paint, which I find challenging on a good day. :)

  8. Wow i love it! Thanks for taking part!! very atmospheric, kinda eery and cheery! :)


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