Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things that piss me off

In regards to Sam's post, where she listed her pet peeves, I found it enjoyable enough to create my own. Thanks Sam. You should join us!

My very own...
1. When people assume in cases that deserve talking, or researching. This is where stubborn people live.
2. As for many people, mannerism is a must or else expect to receive annoyed facial expressions.
3. Getting my books borrowed and not returned. (I'm missing more than half of my stack!)
4. Holding a door open and no one acknowledge you. "No, I've got no where to go." : |
5. When people drive under the speed limit on the freeway. Oh (while we're on the subject), and brake for no reason.
6. Being interrupted. (Although I'm afraid I'm quite the hypocrite here, says my boyfriend.) :-)
7. Hearing "gangster slang" in class. Come on people, you don't have to say 'fucking' in every fucking sentence.
8. Having bad dreams and wanting to wake my boyfriend by the hit of my pillow. (Yeah, those kinds of dreams.)
9. When parents allow their kids to run around the store, crying, or playing with their toy (unsupervised.) Helloooo, kidnappers still exist.
10. I become a nazi when I clean my house/car and if there's ANY mess after I'm done (could be trash that didn't get thrown away "yet") then my eyes are surely squinting.

I can't seem to think of much else, though I'm sure most of the peeves are hiding behind my geography and economic vocabulary (midterms this week.) What's on your shit list? (Hopefully not my blog.) 


Lettuce Head 


  1. hey this isnt so bad, everything on your list sounds reasonable to me, only the small things pee you off- which is good :-)

  2. That's a pretty decent list. One of mine would be people who don't indicate and then turn across you on a roundabout.

  3. Good list...

    On the topic of people on freeways driving below speed limits, number one on my list are cyclist driving in car lanes. I see one in my lane, I have to make a very concerted effort to remember the cost of dent-repairs and repainting before I take my foot off the gas pedal.

  4. Oh I agree on #9. I work in retail and I see this every single day. Also that person driving slow in front of you on the freeway could have been me...

  5. Ruairi - True, they are little things. But what are big things?

    Christina Bunton - Yes! That's something to add to the list.

    Misha - HA, I hate that as well! Definitely keep repairs in my mind :)

    NiaRaie - Retail must be awful. I used to work at a family restaurant (which was treated like a bar + chuck e cheese) so I know how you feel! Now, stay off the freeway :)

  6. Ahhhhh this is lovely-thank you for the shout out Lettucegirl! Don't you feel so much better now that you've made your very own list? It's theraputic. And I love that just about everyone who has done a pet peeves/shit list has listed at least one thing about driving. It has to be one of the most aggravating ways to occupy your time EVER. LOLZ.
    P.S.-I love your pictureeeee

  7. Hi there,
    Please allow me to submit a couple of things from my very own 'shit list'. Those folks at the reduced item section in my local supermarket who reach over me and grab everything. Thus, leaving me with the one thing they hate over here, in England. That would be the greatly reduced tub of cottage cheese. Also, folks who block the sidewalk so you have to risk life and limb and dodge the oncoming traffic, just to get around them. Will they move? Will they heck!
    Take good care of yourself, Gary :-)

  8. Hi fellow NaBloWriMo writer! Looks like your doing great and doing some really experimental stuff on your blog-- quite interesting! I'lll try to check back.


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