Monday, October 4, 2010

Note to Self

Do not fight this feeling. It has given you a reason to look beyond the doubt of the unknown. Never let fear drive. It got you no where. The uncertainty, the worry, and the pain don’t have to be considered bad things. Use it. There is a reason the plan and the love you share(d) exist(ed.) You can not give to someone who doesn’t want it. You can not save anyone. Be yourself. Lean on the songs. The ones that pick up the pieces and manage to help you smile. Let yourself laugh again. Don’t put a name to everything. Some things will never be understood. There are too many choices in life to not be risky. But don’t take that for granted. Love should not be taken lightly. And your heart, your heart should be cherished. Healing can only occur when you’re alone. You are beautiful when you’re not trying to be.

                       What's your note? 


Lettuce Head


  1. I think mine just says, "Go make your tea so you don't crash onto the keyboard." Perhaps I need to rethink priorities. (In all seriousness, thank you for sharing this. It's full of love.)

  2. My note to myself would remind me that I shouldn’t let fear prevent me from doing anything. Well, that’s how it would start anyway.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  3. Note to Self: Stop thinking that just because you can't encompass the infinity of human experience in what you write, that what you write is therefore incomplete, insufficient, and insulting. All any artist can do is offer just a little picture. All any one who partakes of art can do is incorporate that picture into their mosaic. You don't have to do everything to do something.

  4. Note to self: Life is about changes. Nothing is forever, not the good, not the bad. So keep the good in your memory banks, to look at and appreciate during the bad/down times.. and remember, this too shall pass. Treasure what you can and when there's little to treasure - count the blessings.

  5. Right now, my note to self is don't panic!

  6. Today? My note to self is "Do your best to stay awake - tonight you get to sleep in a real bed - not a couch or a futon or the bactseat of a van or an airplane seat."

    Yours is much better.

  7. Not Hannah - I hope you've made your tea today! I wonder if you did crash on the keyboard (knock on wood) if the letters would reveal on your forehead when you got up. You'd pull a classic moment from Drew Barrymore's performance in Never Been Kissed.... Wow, did I just say that?

    Mask - That's good! Never let fear drive. That always seems to be the hardest to follow (for me.)

    Ruairi - :D Is your note to always try to smile? Good one! lol

    C.N. Nevets - Very well said! You've wrote down the root of creation. Loved your note.

    Aleta - Hi there, welcome to my blog! You've nailed it: Nothing lasts forever. It's always best to realize this sooner, than later. And I enjoyed your last touch to treasure what you can. Thanks!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - Hah! I'm rooting for you to not panic :) Hope you're alright.

    Jolene Perry - Yay! Hope you've kept awake and enjoy your sleep tonight :)

  8. Warm greetings,
    First of all, a note to you. I think your 'note to self',is very wise. Positive affirmations are cleansing.
    Note to self: 'Know that everyday, and in every way, you are getting better and better.'
    Peaceful, positive wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  9. I make notes to myself all the time. You know like put the toilet seat lid back down after peeing, paper plates don't do well in dish water, etc... important stuff like that. ;)

    In all serious your note shows a sage mind, whereas mine, not so much.

  10. Note to self: In the face of setbacks, keep things in perspective. Ask yourself who's hurt? Who's died? If the answer is "no-one" then things really aren't as bad as they might feel.

  11. My note?

    "Look around you. Pay attention."

    Sounds cryptic, but it's something I need to remind myself of, for a variety of reasons.

  12. Note to self: remember to brush teeth daily.


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