Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Left: Me, Right: Sylvia
I will never know why she did it. I will never be able to process her desire. I will never forget the person she was before she made that decision. She was the most accepting person I'd ever met. I will always remember our first encounter at my house when I was 13. I will always regret not speaking at her funeral to remind people how good of a person she was and that this decision didn't label her. It never hit me as much, until I found a picture of her in my parents house. She'll never exist again. Such a strange feeling.

Sincerely, Missingly, 

Lettuce Head


  1. <3 This made me teary. I'm so sorry lovey.

  2. I can feel the cold, empty not-quite-pain from here.

  3. Unexplainable losses are the hardest to accept.

  4. Poor LettuceHead that's really really sad-I'm sorry. :(

  5. I keep coming back to this post trying to find the right words. Then I realised - there aren't any. So sorry lettucehead :(


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