Wednesday, October 6, 2010


You know what, Lettuce Head, there's enough contests going around the blogsphere. We don't need your input.

Well ladies and gents, I wouldn't ask you to do something that'd waste your time! In fact, it'd be quite interesting.

Ok, what is it?


Yours, or mine?


What's this about..... 

Write a post about what has empowered you as an individual and most importantly WHY. This topic could branch out any way you'd like. You could talk about relationships, gender, writing ;), sexuality, an experience you had, body image, etc!

I was going to make this experiment set for the 13th, however my blogger buddy Dayana will be hosting Animal Writes Blogfest, which will be a lot of fun so be sure to join! I will be trying to capture a dolphin ;)

haHA, get it? capture? Because of Japan?

Lettuce Head that wasn't funny.

Hey I love dolphins! You should check out this post! Sheesh.

Anyway, I know life is already busy enough! Therefore, Saturday, October 16th will be Empowerment Day! That should give you enough time to procrastinate.

What do ya say?

Hey, I just may...


  1. Dear Lettucehead,

    This looks like fun and I will be sure to try my hand at it. HOWEVER I have a question! And I cannot find a link to email you privately about my stupid question so I am therefore forced to post my stupid question as a comment. Here it is:
    Can you please explain to me what all is going on with this Blogfest Stuff. I am under the impression that it is some kind of festival for blogging but I don't really know what's going on. There seem to be various different people taking up the blogfest hosting responsibilities and I just feel confused. Do I need to get a blogfest? How to I procure a blogfest and once I have obtained the blogfest what do I do with it and so on and so forth. Please rain your infinate blogfest wisdom upon me so that I may become a more enlightened human being. Thank you very much.

  2. Dearest Bubblegirl,

    It is quite alright that you ask. You live in a bubble, I understand. I will try my best to speak for everyone and explain our reasoning for Blogfests. It's the easiest way to get attention. Plain and simple. No naked pictures are necessary anymore because you say you're hosting a Blogfest and you're suddenly thought of as being "COOL," "Up to date," "POPULAR," and literary agents come flying towards you. It's really great. Hell, it's happening right this second. So if you want to be cool, up to date, and popular just make a Blogfest and followers will come streaming your way. You think I give a shit about people's empowerment? HA! Hope this helps.

    Sincerely, Lettuce Head

  3. Thank you for understanding-sometimes it's hard to hear things from inside the bubble. But...OOOhhhhhh I think I get it. So any random person (who say lives in a bubble) can host a blogfest-and can it be about anythingggg? Anything in the whole world? (Group discussions about my naked pictures excluded of course)

  4. Yes, Bubblegirl, it could even be about bubbles! :)

  5. I'm totally intimidated, but I think it'll be fun.

  6. oh sweet-im totally down lettucegirl

  7. um i did it wrong. fixxxx itttttt

  8. Jolene - I suppose it is a challenge, but you'll do great :)

    Sam - It's alright bubblegirl, I'll take care of this!

  9. This is really cool. I can't wait to read the entries

  10. Ahh thanks for fixing it lettucehead-I was having serious anxiety about this. Seriously I was. Is that sad?

  11. Hey, I just found you from The Blogger Formerly Known As... and I signed up for your experiment. Gotta get over and post now... Nice to meet you!

    Bloggers Unite!

  12. I am so late to read this part.. but I wanna join..and I don't exactly understand how.. and I'm not good at speaking aprdon me lettucehead..! :)


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