Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can't believe it's Thursday

I have good news today. Remember those awful midterms that kept my mind stressed? Well I got back one result and I got an A! "Yeah!" - My teacher wrote on my scantron. It was for Geography. You may be thinking, piece of cake. I will share this though: I've never cared about school until now. It's obviously showing in my test scores. Normally, I'd receive a D and be happy! I'm working my butt off though. Really. I write on my white board every day with the vocabulary, asking myself questions, drawing diagrams - so that I can retain all this information. It's a lot to learn in short months. I never knew you had to spend so much time on school outside of school ;-)

I have 3 short stories and a novel I'm working on. I don't know which to continue at the moment. I was thinking of finishing my short stories so I could devote more time to my novel. But now I wouldn't know which  to start with!
                                              What would you do?

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Lettuce Head


  1. Hi there,
    Well, I would devote my time to what I sensed was my priority. Sorry, that wasn't much help.
    And, I cannot believe it's Friday. Time zones or what eh lol
    Have a peaceful and positive Thursday. Oh, I'm so confused:-)

  2. Congrats on your A! That's definitely something to be proud of.

    As for what to write first, I think you have right idea about finishing your short stories to make time for you novel. Whatever you choose, hope all goes well!

  3. I used to be a short stories first guy, but I realized it was just a way of postponing my novel which was more intimidating. So I sucked it up and dedicated myself to the novel and use the stories as breaks.

  4. Congratulations!!!! This is absolutely awesome.

  5. I'm also in the same boat re: writing projects to tackle. I have a novel I've been outlining and writing notes on for the past few months, but these cool short story ideas keep interrupting my process and distracting me -- ooh look, SHINY!

    But I finally put my foot down and will be starting on the novel in full force come the end of the month. Like Mr. Nevets above, I think I'll use the awesome short story ideas for breaks -- and to flex different writerly muscles -- in the midst of this novel writing.

    Congrats on the excellent midterm grade, btw! :)

  6. Congratulations Lettuce!

    And, I think your idea to finish off the short stories first is absolutely right. That’s what I’d do anyway.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  7. Congrats on your A!
    Hmm, I would work on the one that you can't stop thinking about the most.
    BTW, I'm a new follower and I LOVE the title of your blog.

  8. Congrats on your A! Be proud of your hard work! Yeah!

    Short stories is the way I'd go :)

  9. I had followed you few days ago.. because I always saw you at sam's page and now it's my first time to read your blog. I had to read the recent..first because I'm missing my time for blogging

    COngratulation on your A! :) I miss school days.. and I'm not doing good the last time I'm on it.. but I hope I could do good when I returned..

    Maybe you should finish your short stories first? :)

    hope I could make short stories or novels someday

  10. Congrats on the A!

    Weird advice coming up. Write down the names of WiP's on seperate pages.

    Put them side by side.

    Hold hand over papers.

    See if you can't feel one pulling you more than the others.


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