Friday, October 8, 2010

Simply put

I wish I was adventuring in a forest. Where there are blooming flowers scattered in the tall, thick, green grass, surrounded by tall, thick trees that branch different colored leaves. You could smell the comfort of nature through the soft breeze that peeked its way in your nostrils. You could feel the beauty captured by the sight of it. The sun is setting now, catching the pink and blue, cotton clouds. Soon the night will steal your heart with the bright and shooting stars. And you'll lay back into that thick grass and wonder how can there not be life elsewhere?

Where would you like to be?


Lettuce Head


  1. Your vision sounds like a pretty nice one and I wouldn't mind that. Or I wouldn't mind being on the boardwalk in New Jersey taking in the carnival-like atmosphere and eating a corn dog. Afterward, I could hang out with my daughters who live nearby.
    Or just driving across South Dakota, or Arizona, or even Texas on my way somewhere, anywhere with my car stereo cranked up listening to music that I like.
    Or... gosh there's a lot of places I'd like to be, but here at home is kind of nice too. I like that.

    Tossing It Out

  2. There are lots of places I'd like to home, camping, walking one of the wonderful park trails we have nearby, sitting on a beach...

    The "where" isn't too important, more important is how I feel: warm, comfortable, relaxed...and (most important of all) nobody demanding anything of me.

    It's the demands on my time that I'd like to get away from. Work, household chores, after school taxi service...

  3. Somewhere warmer... where the grass isn't covered in frost...

  4. I want to be somewhere dry but not warm weather.. I want a calm surrounding, i wanna hear the bidrs chirping and trees swaying..

    i love this post, makes me imagine it..

  5. That sounds like a very pretty little place to take a walk-let me know if you find the exact geographic location so I can go have a picnic. I like where I am right now at this particular moment. How unlikely of me...

  6. I wish I could be exploring Rotterdam, Milan and Paris with my mother. Sigh...



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