Saturday, October 9, 2010

Plain Lettuce Head

Because of NaBloWriMo I have to post every day, so I apologize in advance how off and boring this topic will be in this following post. Considering I don't have anything interesting to inform, this'll have to do. 

I realized, just a few minutes ago, how plain I really am. Plain? you might ask. Allow me to explain. You see, I realize this difference in me because I never used to be plain.

Today I'm the person that wears chap-stick as make-up, the most I'll do with my hair is comb it, who throws whatever clothes are nearby on, who shaves her legs only when they'll be showing, and so fourth. When it comes to what I eat: I only get one topping on my pizza, which is olives (unless I order just cheese), if I had to buy a doughnut I'd get glazed, no icing on anything, vanilla ice cream only, fries with no ketchup, I just barely started putting dressing on my salads, and so fourth. I am not adventurous whatsoever, as much as I'd love to be. (I'm still afraid of roller-coasters!) I still plan every thing I do before I do it. I'm very liberal inside but I only voice my opinions on paper. The most exciting things I do is go to concerts, which has been awhile in itself. I live on my computer. It's a Saturday and the only place I've gone to, and will go to, is the grocery store.

What are you like? Plain, or spontaneous? 


Lettuce Head


  1. Dear Lettucehead,

    Before addressing your question I have a few of my own. What on earth is "NaBloWriMo"? I keep seeing ppl referring to it and I've no idea what it is. Please advise. Also do you really eat salad without dressing? Is that why you call yourself Lettucehead? Why do you call yourself Lettucehead? Don't feel bad about only going to the grocery store today-the only place I went was from my bed to my desk so you're one step ahead. And to answer your question I used to be very spontaneous and now I'm married and I like to stay home with my husband and putter-which is not so spontaneous.



  2. oh wait I just now see the link for NaBloWriMo-duh. But now I have another question instead of that one okay? When are you going to make a Lettucehead button for distribution? Want me to make you a Lettucey one? LOL

  3. Well, the one way to get over a fear of roller coasters is to.....


    oh yes, weer all plain really too!

  4. Welllll... I think I'm much to spontaneous for my own good.

    I joined NaNoWriMo, just because I felt like it. I spend money like water. When I'm not dieting, I avoid salads altogether and drown my fries in ketchup. I skip in streets if I feel like it. When I'm happy, I'll burst into song. I sneak up on people and scare them. I enjoy being the center of attention. Today I actually went out of my flat without any make-up (for a change).

    I'm deathly afraid of height, spiders, mice, needles, deep water and escalators. I have however, learned that I can control my fears for short bursts of time. Which is great when I'm the only one in the house facing down a tarantula.

    I used to worry about what my eccentricities looked like to others, but by the time I hit twenty, I hardly care. If people don't like what they get, they can just avoid me. ;-P I suspect that I could easily become highly addicted to high speeds.

    Anyway. Maybe you don't like ketchup or salad dressing. Maybe you don't like dressing up.

    That's just great. Just never settle into who you are now because you think you're plain.

    My sponteneity comes from wanting to live every day of my life, both as if it is my last, and as if I will live forever. I savour any moment I can.

    If you're not happy about being plain, just do something random. Anything. Challenge yourself. Experience something new. Live life to the fullest. :-)

  5. Oh, I’m definitely plain! I think the grocery’s was the only place I went to yesterday too. I’m always too frightened to be spontaneous.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  6. Can i be in between? But i think I'm more spontaneous than plain. I want to learn and experience more.. I want to have fun at the very least..

    Hmmm.. I don't want to be plain... I want to be morethan I could be.. maybe become batman or whatever.. hehe kidding on the batman part..

  7. I think I'm somewhere in between, with a bit more emphasis on the spontaneous.

    I'm with you on roller-coasters. For a long time I wouldn't even contemplate riding one. Now I'm okay with as long as they don't make any crazy upside down loops. I've done a few of those and they scare the crap out of me.

  8. Funny, the grocery store was the only place I went to yesterday too. Is there an grocery-buying virus going pandemic? Or is it just the weekend?

    I'm all for novel experiences. How much I exercise that wish is usually constrained by level of energy and commitments.

  9. Don't underrate plain, ok? I know some people who are so spontaneous that they are completely unreliable and irresponsible. If you have to pick one, I'd go with plain any time of day.

    For myself, I'm plain. :)

  10. I'm neither adventurous nor spontaneous! I like a little variety, but I'm a bit on the plain and boring side as well.

  11. Sam,
    I think everyone misread my salad sentence. I do use dressing, but for the longest time I didn't. I like light dressing though, nothing thick like ranch.

    I got the name Lettuce Head when I was working on a novel a few years know what, I'll blog about it! It's kind of a long story. Thanks for the idea!

    Hey, we are alike. I used to be spontaneous too, not heavily but it's probably why I goofed off a lot and got in trouble. I suppose I still have a bit in me to go and hike a mountain or what not, I'm totally down to do that.

    Also, it's funny that you ask about my "button" because I have been thinking about making one I just don't have any ideas. If you want to, go for it! I'll definitely credit you :-)

  12. Ruairi - You know what, last year my boyfriend and I faced our fear of roller-coasters and I mean, the super fast, super high ones, and I screamed and cried but went through with it.. and it didn't work. I'm still scared!

    Misha - I'm not sure if the stuff you named is being spontaneous because I totally do that too. I'll break out in a song too, I dance in my car as I'm driving and don't care if anyone notices. Maybe I don't understand the term spontaneous? lol. I definitely would love to do lots of things. I have it in me and certainly have the energy! Though, I'm wrapped up in school, no job = no money, and I know when I get a job I'll have more free time taken away to do what I want. I lose :-(

    Mask - It's ok! We're a team :-)

    Kamila - Yes! You can be in between! I'm realizing I fit there too after reading everyone's comments. I'm open-minded like you too. Maybe catwoman is more suitable? lol

    Kelly Dexter - LOL! The loops are the worst! That's when I close my eyes and my boyfriend gets upset. He says I'm missing out, even though he's as scared as us! But hey, if I survive on them you can too!

    Botanist - The virus definitely exists! I had "forgotten" something and had to go back. So something's fishy, and it's not my memory... I agree with novel experiences, I'm glad you brought that up. I think we all want those intimate moments.

    Aleta - Wonderful comment. I love the enthusiasm for plain! You make a good point though. Thanks!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - Variety is good! I think I could handle that too.

  13. Never read your fiction, but I've read your blog, so I think I have a feel for your writing, at least a smidge. You're not plain, you've just switched modes of expression.

    Also, you're studying for tests now. lol

  14. Thanks Nevets. I like your answer better :-)

  15. I work from home. Most days I have a choice to wear makeup or not. Mostly that turns out not because I have much better things to do with my time and who, exactly, is going to see me....working from home.

    I shower around noon most days, if I get to it at all and my long curly red hair goes up in a ponytail once its dry. Reading your blog is like reading my life. Rock on Lettucehead!


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