Thursday, October 14, 2010

Messed up

It is rare for a person to ask me for advice, or my opinion. I don't blame them. I've kept myself secluded from the truth about the world and have lived in my own fantasy - where you can believe in hope and that good things happen to good people, where there's life after death, and where no one does wrong. Sometimes I like to sneak back into my world because reality is so messed up. 

- where people care more about celebrities than people suffering, where athletes who take hockey pucks are more wealthy than a solider who takes bullets, voting on civil rights!!!, being more comfortable seeing men holding guns than men holding hands. 

As SOAD has sung, "Why doesn't the president fight the war, why do they always send the poor?" The people who make all these decisions don't even step into battle, but that's just a gist of society. Lets not forget free  Universal Health Care. Why doesn't the United States, "the land of the free," want this? My dad says because they want us to die; more income, especially if you work for a corporation. 

I feel like I'm living in a small room, while the four walls close in on me: Media, Lies, Fame, Greed. At some point you get sucked in and you role play as if you were happy, but if you don't know the truth why wouldn't you be?


Lettuce Head


  1. You are not alone thinking like this. So well worded, so true, and so sad.

    I share your fantasy entirely. I am right there with you!

  2. Lettucehead you seem to be in the same state of mind as I am in right now. The world is full of crooks, liars and criminals. I find myself wishing I had gone to law school-so I could sue everyone of them-as the only thing they care about is money.

  3. I find it hard to believe that ignorance could ever be bliss. Sadly, there are too many people who seem to embody the idea.

  4. So true! And so sad. I live in the same happy world though. I like to believe in happy endings. Kinda need to believe that actually.

  5. Mask - Thanks lady. I suppose we should follow the yellow brick road?

    Sam - There's certainly a reason people become crooks, liars, and criminals. The economy sucks! I still haven't found a job :-(

    Kelly - Ignorance is definitely a choice, but when you think about it, it is also purely bliss. You can walk around care-free; nothing has affected you. I know that feeling too well. I realize it's important to know the truth, but it also hurts.

    Colene Sad, indeed. I wish happy endings were real and the stories we grew up admiring existed, but we're far from that now. Although it's extremely negative, the best thing about it is that you've become aware and you can share this information and hopefully people will start realizing things and make a change. "Life is what you make of it."

  6. I know I know it's AWFUL-my husband cannot find anyone who will give him a full-time job b/c they don't want to provide health insurance. He even tried telling them he would go without insurance but they still blew him off. So he is working two part-time jobs that are 20 miles apart and both have a very random schedule. What the hell?


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