Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day

Today may seem like a regular day. It's Friday, which is always exciting for most of us, but today holds something special. Informing around the blogsphere, introduces Blog Action Day. After thousands of people responded to, the issue we all will be discussing is Water

Please be sure to become aware of the many issues bloggers will be addressing today about water here: 
as you know I will be. 

So what could I inform you about water? I struggled with this thought, seeing as I know very little about water around the world, besides the absurd fact that more people die each year from contaminated water than all forms of violence and war combined. Maria and the Blog Action Team were kind enough to make a list of ideas for us bloggers who are stuck like me. I know it's bad, I know this is an extreme issue, but what can I share that you don't already know?

It hit me while I was brushing my teeth. Are you like me and leave the water running while your scrubbing your gums and teeth, spit, and continue brushing? (I'm sure you've got an image lined up now.)  
  • If you leave the water running while brushing your teeth you've wasted 3 gallons of water each time you brush. If you brush your teeth twice, daily, you've wasted 6 gallons, or 2,190 gallons a year.
If you dig more into this, like I'm currently doing, this applies to washing dishes (I hand wash), taking showers, washing the car, etc. (Of course adding more gallons)

My advice? Lets start using water wisely. Obviously I'm not saying don't wash dishes, don't take showers, or wash your car. Just realize how much water you're using, because it's quite the thoughtless gesture.


Lettuce Head


  1. It's amazing how much water can be wasted without us even realizing it.

  2. If I leave the water on while brushing my husband used to turn it off with a "save the planet." Nope, I don't do this anymore.

  3. I used to do exactly the same thing while cleaning my teeth, but my sister kept telling me off about it. I do remember most of the time now.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  4. Yes surprisingly I don't do this either (for the most part) When I was a teenager I was a nanny for this really really sweet, really really organic, save the planet, hippy-ish husband and wife. I mean they didn't use windex or anything like that (all vineger and water)-at any rate in the process of them teaching their young children about some of these things-they accidentally taught me too :)
    I love this post-what a cool idea!

  5. It is a scary thought - how much we waste. What are we leaving for the future generations?

    I don't leave the water running when brushing my teeth, I have the electronic tooth brush, so off the water goes. I don't know why I turn the water off with that brush versus if I use a regular brush. Maybe it's the sound of something we need to hear? Water running or the electronic brush? Hmm..

    Excellent post!

  6. We brush our teeth in the shower at my house. It's all about being cheap. I mean...conserving water.

    But seriously, that is a terrible statistic! Wow. So sad.

  7. I'm determined to work harder on this one! Great post!

  8. These are the kinds of statistics that it's hard to believe, even if we're already aware. Sad how wasteful we can be without even realizing it.

    Thanks for posting this!


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