Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Animal Writes Blogfest

Can you hear me like I can hear you? Can you feel the pain that embraces my soul? I see your smiles every day. Sometimes I catch your tears. It is hard to remember a day without you. Though, I still hear those banging noises that remind me what we look forward to in our future. I'm still able to recall my mother's fear as you tore me away from her. How would you feel if we took your baby too? Don't worry, I'm not a threat, but a friend in the sea - my real home. I am nothing but a stripped dolphin, faking existence and ignoring emotion so that at the end of the day you can tell your friends you saw us do tricks that we've repeated through out our day, every day. Is that the kind of life you'd want? We have all learned your language very well, but I believe one day you all will learn from this. For some reason, it takes you the longest to learn from your mistakes.

Your Friend,

Dolphin, translated by Lettuce Head

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Brought to us by: Dayana Stockdale, thanks lady! 


  1. Dear dolphin,
    This is a most profound message, and you, like all the other blessed creatures on our planet, have many lessons to teach us. If only we would listen and learn.
    In peace and caring, Gary.

  2. Poor dolphins-I've always suspected that they were much higher on the evolutionary chain than we are.

  3. I loved it!!! It made me smile all the way through. You did not do it wrong. No no not at all. In fact, I think you need a second blog for the dolphin. :)
    P.S. dolphins are wicked cool.

  4. I loathe and despise any kind of animal exhibition.

    This, I loved.

  5. Aw, I'm glad you speak Dolphinese! They have such a profound message for us! I always think they are aliens from outer space sent to live in the seas to observe mankind's destruction of Earth--is it just me? They seem so intelligent!

  6. Klahanie - Thank you Gary. Dolphin is swimming with joy thanks to your comment ;) I do believe we could learn so much from dolphins. It's horrifying how much torture we've put them through.. ahem .. are putting them through.

    Sam - Sam, they are!

    Mask - It's necessary. I am only informing people, Love Dolphin

    Dayana - Thanks! Giving Dolphin a blog is not a bad idea! I'm glad I didn't do it wrong. I'm also happy to read everyone else's posts. Again, you are full of ideas :)

    Kelly - Kelly, I feel the same!

    J.C. Martin - It is not just you. I absolutely believe that. Especially after watching the documentary The Cove. They are totally intelligent and COMPLETELY conscious! We should be praising them.

  7. Oh, poor dolphin. Those exhibits are fascinating but depressing. Such brilliant creatures in a bowl. Not right.

  8. Hi...I loved the Dolphin's profound message that you so sweetly translated for us. I like Dolphins. Its been fun to read everyone's Animal Writes Post

  9. This is a very thought-provoking piece. Thank you for giving us this glimpse into the wise mind of the dolphin. Nicely done.


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