Thursday, February 3, 2011


Everything around me is empty
The spinning and the spinning of it all
If it wrapped up and hid a bit longer
Maybe it wouldn't have surprised me at all
Come out and let me hear you
Come out and show your true skin
Just don't be afraid to leave me
I'll always have my thoughts for company
Now another box of memories
Floating, distracting, in front of me
When the hardest part of the day is sleeping
And there are no words competing, just lingering
I can't forget the way it felt
Or the way it seemed
And as I continue to spin, to spin, to spin
I become just as empty


  1. Pretty good. :) Much better than anything I can produce. I just hope this isn't the way you feel. Deserve to feel like you have a purpose. :) Hang in there if it is, I believe in you.

  2. Wow, really deep and powerful. I'm hoping this is a poem that isn't about you. If it is, reach deep inside yourself for smiles.

  3. your not alone... same here...

  4. I've noticed you haven't posted in over a month. Everything alright?

  5. I shall contribute to this site soon.


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