Monday, November 8, 2010

What is Lettuce Head?

Thanks to Sam's curiosity I will share with you why my username is Lettuce Head.

Growing up I used to eat salads without dressing, but that has changed for many years now. That isn't the reason for my username, but nice try.

It all started one morning while I was off to work at a family restaurant, two years ago. The best part about work was getting there. The windows were down so I could embrace the cool breeze from the overcast day, and the music was loud enough to not hear my voice.

Arriving at work, twenty minutes early (as always) I began to get into the formal attire: My hair pulled up, my hat covering it, and my apron tied on. After clocking in and washing my hands, I was prepared to start the day by finishing The List. The List included everything we sell since we made everything fresh and from scratch, every day. I was sent to the back to clean the cabbage heads. *hint hint*

During this month, I was working on a story that included a lot of metaphors (I love those guys.) As I was peeling and washing, I came up with this paragraph:

I feel like I’m a lettuce head. I came out of a stuffed box, which made some of my layers mold. I must be cleansed in order to be eaten. The molded layers get peeled off one by one, thrown away and never detached back onto me again. They should be forgotten, almost, but only remembered to know they were once apart of me. It’s always good to know how you were, to see who you’ve become.

It may have not been the greatest metaphor, but I liked the meaning behind it. I also enjoyed the phrase "I feel like I'm a lettuce head" so much it became my username on many sites. I didn't like the way 'cabbage head' flowed. And that is how Lettuce Head became a Lettuce Head.


  1. Thank you for this revelation, Lettucehead. I always wondered if you’d answered Sam, and I missed it. Definitely infinitely better than cabbage head :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. No problem, Mask! I'm glad you think it's better than cabbage. Lettuce Head has a nice sound to it.

  3. That was great. Lettuce Head is definitely better than cabbage head. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well this might just be the tip of the iceberg lettuce.
    Lettuce think about what you have posted. Ah, it all makes sense, cos, you explained it so well.
    Have a peaceful week.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  5. How neat! I love getting to know more about a person and I think the metaphor works perfectly to describe your thoughts! I love it.

    I agree, much better than cabbage head.

  6. Very nice, Cabeza de Legucha. I dig it.

  7. Oh wow! Finally an answer to the question that has been gnawing at me for months! I'm going to stay away from the puns here and let Gary (who is clearly an expert on the subject) take care of that ;) LOL. And I agree that Lettuce Head is far better than Cabbage Head. I dig it!

  8. I had been wondering about your name for a while now! Thanks for sharing a great story.


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