Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My laptop crashed yesterday while I was watching The Social Network. I found that oddly amusing. I was able to recover some files through my flashdrive, luckily. But it wouldn't let me go online or insert a disk. I took up 3 flashdrives. Most of my pictures are gone. I had too many. I regret not uploading them to photobucket, or flicker. It's weird knowing that was my high school lifetime, and now it's gone, even though they were just pictures. I'm updating from my iPod so I'll be back when I get Internet again.


  1. Sorry you lost all that, Lettuce Head. :-(

  2. Sorry to hear about your laptop and loosing your pictures

  3. Was it definitely a virus, Lettuce? Either way, I have some software for recovering files. If it’s any good to you, just let me know.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  4. That sucks. Hope you can recover some more.

  5. OK< this is my wake up call. I seriously need to back everything up. Im really sorry to hear of your photo and file losses- you know some of the file recovering programs suggested by the blogger formally known as my do the trick ...

  6. Oh no!! Hope you can get more and figure out the problem!

    (you have an award awaiting your snatchery as soon as you get back up)

  7. My gush... that's bad..! no those are not just pictures. it's all memories.. and pictures define a thousand words in a click..

    that's too bad for you.. hope everything goes well after..

    and hi lettuce head.. i'm oddly back! :)

  8. Oh dear, now I'll never know what your your brilliant reply to my comment in the previous post was!
    Hope you get going again soon. Good luck.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’


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