Friday, November 5, 2010

Changing Lives

Although I am a year away from transferring and moving out of my parent's back house, I have been doing lots of research on two schools. One you already know: San Francisco State University and the second: Humboldt State University.

When it comes to the environment, it goes without hesitation, Humboldt state warms my heart. It is where the Redwood trees linger, organic food and clothing, the pacific ocean nearby, located up North so it rains a lot, and a small town. Not to mention it's by the boarder of Oregon! San Fran is pretty.... opposite. However, I was looking forward to the schooling since they offer more Creative Writing courses. But the truth is I can not afford to go there and to be even more honest... if I can go to a school with an amazing climate for cheap and still get the same degree... uh, yeah. Therefore, I will be attending Humboldt State. I will be majoring in two subjects. Creative Writing, which falls under the Bachelor's of Arts, and Geography.

I am so excited but also extremely nervous. I've never been on my own  and I am very much a baby inside.

Now for the sad news. In two months, my boyfriend is moving to Texas to live with his real dad (for many reasons that will remain private) and to go to school too. He will be attending UTEP. I'm happy for him but I'm also sad we are not able to share these moments together. I realize I need to be mature and know this will only better our future together. But shit. SHIT. It's going to be hard. He is the blood in my veins, my safe zone....


  1. Life throws us some crazy curve balls somtimes, doesn't it? It will be hard, but with the internet and Skype and all that, yu cn make it work ... tho it's not quite the same, is it.

    I wish you the best with whatever choices you make.

  2. The idea of change probably brings the baby out in most of us. More the we would normally care to admit.

    But when change does happen, we find a new strength, and ways to deal with it.

    Not much consolation now though, I know, but somehow you’ll still have blood in your veins.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  3. Change can be frightening, exciting and exhilarating, all at the same time.
    I know when I first made those first tentative steps from the 'nest', that it would be challenging but I embraced that challenge and I believe it has made me strong and resilient.
    This may be not much help but those times you manage to share with your boyfriend, in the future, will be quality and profound times to savour.
    Wishing you a peaceful and positive weekend.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary.


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