Friday, October 22, 2010


I had a group interview yesterday vs six people. The company had interviews all day though, so I'm imagining it was around 40, or more, people I was up against. We all lined up, taking turns, answering the same question. I was third. I wasn't nervous being third, what overwhelmed me was the fact we were all standing while three managers overlooked us and jotted down information. I felt as if they were deciding to give me the death penalty or not. Standing, for some reason, made my legs shake. I wondered if anyone noticed. I knew I was more than qualified for the job position but my answers did not match what I planned to say. I believe if we had been sitting at a table I would have been more calm and open, but that sounds like an excuse. Did I get the job? No.

Finding a job has been clearly impossible for me. I've talked to managers countless of times, presenting myself the best way I can. They like my application, they love my experience, but they aren't hiring at the moment. Most of the time, managers don't want to talk to people. Literally, this past week I've tried to talk to managers while turning in my application, or when I make the phone call to see if they received my application, but they are "busy," they've "stepped out," they are on "vacation." You leave a message but they don't call back. One time I went into a store asking for a manager and the woman turned around and said "This is my second day," while she looked around for another worker, "ask her." I'm not kidding. If she could get hired, so could I! Right? Wrong.


  1. You know the situation I’m in at the minute, Lettuce? And, I’m still completely unaware of what these people are looking for, how their minds work, or what is going on in the job market at all. I promise I’ll let you know, if and when I ever find out (but you’ve got to promise the same, OK?).
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. The employment situation, these days, here in England, the States, Canada and many places has become very competitive.
    It is not so much as what you are doing but, sometimes, it seems to be a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
    A lot of companies, very disrespectfully, do not even acknowledge an application or even bother to let you know you were unsuccessful with your application.
    My son, was unemployed for well over a year and he is a qualified civil engineer. He is now working two to three days a week for a job agency in a factory. He is determined to get a better job. I know, my friend, your determination will see you through. All the best and I hope you get a job, very soon.
    Try and have a nice weekend.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)

  3. I hope things turn around for you soon, Cabeza de Legucha. It took my wife a long time to find work after we moved back to Indiana from Alaska. I think young women in or just out of college have hard time right now. They don't have the experience of older women, and they're not as easy to exploit as high school students.

    Something will break. You have too much intelligence and personality not to get hired!

  4. I'm holding out a ton of luck for you! Hoping you tag a win and snag the interview!!

  5. It's a tough market; hang in there. Prayers and well-wishes your way --->>>>>

  6. It's always saddening to find complete morons holding down a job that you can't seem to get your hands on. I'm still baffled by this phenomonena. Good Luck to you my dear-I hope something great comes your way soon.

  7. i hope you get somethng soo lettuce...all the best!


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