Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The way it is

"So you're 21 years old and you don't have any friends?"
"Yeah dad, thanks for rubbing it in my face."
"Don't you think you don't have friends because of who you are?"


This is the first rule about my dad. He'll give his comments and his judgements, even if he doesn't know the whole story. Thanks so much dad for that loving, supportive, counseling session you had with your loser daughter.

For the first time in my life I know who I am and LOVE who I am. But this is the reason I don't have any friends. COOL.


Lettuce Head


  1. Hey, I have VERY few friends and for years I didn't hardly have any at all, just my husband. Fortunately, I kinda like the guy.

  2. Yeah friends are totally overrated

  3. I'm glad you had him. I'm sure you understand my feelings then.

    I'm very grateful for my boyfriend (whom I hope to call husband someday.) Though my parents weigh me down with the illusion, so-called expectation, to a "good life." I know they care for me, but they tear me down when we come across disagreements. Lately it's been really bad.

  4. Haha Sam, we could be pen pals lol


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