Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My friend is IN THE OCEAN!

During my sixth grade field trip we were able to go to Sea World in San Diego, as our graduation farewell. I had never been there before, but being face to face with a dolphin was the highlight of my year. Their faces glowing at us children, who were too young and ignorant to understand the true connection we were experiencing with these creatures.

Were dolphins as truly happy as they seemed? (This certainly applies to all captivity occurring.)

It wasn't until today (10 years later) that I have questioned my experience of watching dolphins perform tricks on a daily/hourly basis. How was that fulfilling for these intelligent beings? Or is it the reason so many of them have committed suicide?

Before you think you've heard this story before (how animals shouldn't be held captive in zoos, and what not) ask yourself this: Have you known about the cove in Taiji, Japan? Have you known about its slaughter house for dolphins AND where (most) marine-life theme parks get their dolphins from? Well, I'm not going to talk about that part. A documentary already covered that information in a way I could never portray in words.

If you are unaware of this information then please take the time to become aware and watch The Cove.

My point is to share this problem, that the documentary voiced to us a year ago, is still occurring. September till March are the months when the slaughtering/captivity takes place. Which means, as you're reading this sentence, a dolphin is swimming for its life. However, I want to offer the good news and what YOU can do to help, just from your computer.

On, Ric O'Barry updates us about The Cove. Since we are already moving forward in September, it is noted that there has been a "no-kill" policy from the fishermen since September 1st. Though, a dozen of dolphins have been pulled from their families to be put through captivity. I am hoping this "no-kill" policy will become official and not just a mask for the time being (since there's been a lot of journalists there. Ric O'Barry is trying to get celebrities to go out there too.) Since I can't afford to take a trip out there myself, there is another way to contribute: - You will find a list of how to help.

Also. although it's great news that there is a "no-kill" policy happening, I HOPE people don't start ignoring the continuing need to save dolphins. I can see people backing down now that results are occurring, but NOTE: Dolphins are not out of captivity. Our mission is still NEEDED.

What blew me away about dolphins is that they are self-aware. Meaning, all that torture they get put through.. they are aware of. They are aware when they see their baby being taken from them and they watch them get their head sliced. This is a fact, people.

To end this, I just want to say dolphins are rare. I'm not saying there's few of them, but we go out and seek for life in other planets (aliens?) when we have our own bizarre, yet utterly amazing, creature right here. We should be able to communicate with them by now. It shouldn't be us feeling like we're in control of them and teaching them sign language (that's how trainers teach them tricks.) I am sure THEY have much to teach US.

Please help this cause. And definitely, if you haven't already, watch the documentary.

Thank you.


Lettuce Head


  1. Human beings are fucking savages. I don't know I think if I were ever to witness something like that in person I would go absolutely ape-shit and just start attacking people.

  2. Oh my gosh it was HEARTBREAKING!! They're such delightful creatures! My parents are big scuba divers and have come across dolphins often, my mom never gets tired of how friendly they are and how willing to play. It's interesting how a certain plight becomes a fad and is then forgotten.

  3. I also got to a point sometime in the mid teens where, I relised, how f'ed up zoos, sea parks etc etc actually are...

    This is a really important topic that somehow needs to be presented to people who dont know the real facts about animals in captivity!

    Great post, bravo :-)

  4. I wish this website had replying separately, for each comment. Just sayin'.

    Sam, I totally agree. Imagine being an Indian years ago and see the white men come and kill all your buffalo. Indians are EXTREMELY respectful to nature, only kill what you need, chant to mother-nature, that sort of thing...That's a total ape-shit moment.

    Jolene, your parents are awesome! I'm sure the dolphins DO go up to them. They love people. What's even cooler is they actually would save you if you were in danger in the water. But you're so right.. it's already becoming forgotten. So the most I can do is sign a petition and write about it :\

    Ruairi, this is totally an important topic. It's truly up to us to continue to spread this "idea." Most people don't understand these animals don't belong in captivity. That's like putting humans behind cages and having the animals "learn" about us by watching from afar. We aren't meant for that. They aren't either.


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