Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mad as hell

When you think about it, a lot of things in life are humanly made - things you wouldn't think would be. Things like marriage, fear, GOD? But through all these years of acceptance it comes into our lives without question, and thus we end up believing too. There are so many things that the media and advertisements have buried into our brain that we know no different, no better, but to believe and to follow. Things like wearing make-up, or the idea that everyone has a SOUL MATE. We've learned to forget the things that truly matter. Things like AIR - every day our lungs breathe in unhealthy air, SUN RAYS - everyday the sun is hitting our skin hard enough to be concerned with skin cancer, DISEASE - people don't realize the things you put IN your body is what creates energy, attitude, and most importantly HEALTH (we are our own vehicle: if you give it shitty gas, no oil, what do you think will end up happening), and in my opinion SOLITUDE matters as well. It is pure, it is not judgmental, it is self-seeking, and it does you no harm. The media has taught us it's not ok to be alone, that it's "lonely." What's lonely is not being yourself. What's lonely is pretending you're happy. What's lonely is giving into worldly commands and not doing what you love. What's lonely is not knowing the truth. You'd call it bliss, but I call it lonely - because there are people out there who think differently, who care about real things, who know the difference, who chase after their goals and complete them, who are genuinely nice, who don't bail on you, who listen when you speak, who say hello when you're crossing the street, who realize that the president is merely a puppet and that those government people are just that: people and they're running this country, they're running our LIVES. They do not know everything (and quite frankly, they've proven to know nothing.) They don't learn from history, they create more wars. They send us to foreign countries even though we are bankruptcy. Again, they create WAR. They have nuclear bombs. Then again, every country practically has a nuclear bomb and one of them, I'm sure, will set one off at the U.S. Why wouldn't they? (yes, I realize it's September 11th) We're a greedy country, and I'm tired... I'm fed up.. I'm MAD AS HELL at the place I call home. And what's even more hurtful is knowing there's some place better. A place where I would enjoy being outside, where I know people aren't so fucking stupid and have 8 kids because their religion is against birth control, OR even because they want a big family. HA! The world is over-populated and people still want a big family. I know there's worse places than this, but that's settling. That's making it OK that you live where you live. I won't be like my parents. They are like their own breed. They'll never leave California. Neither will my oldest brother. I won't be happy here. And that's what's important. HAPPINESS. I used to think it was never obtainable, but now I'm going to try. No. I'm going to fight.


Lettuce Head

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