Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It was nice to meet you

Think about it…how many faces do you see within a year? How many of them do you speak to, spend time with and build a relationship? I always think of the people who leave my life, but don't consider what they've left, or what I've given them. It's easy to say, "people shape you" but it's hard to see while it's happening. And there's always the people that stick out from the crowd (or at least the one you’d never forget).

There's a song by Iron & Wine called Trapeze Swinger, and it tells stories I haven't lived but the point of the song I took from it is to please remember who I am, as a whole. Not just the moments I listened to you speak, hugged you goodbye, bought you something, made you laugh till your eyes watered, lied to you, let you down, reminded you how amazing you are, reminded you life is special, took you for a drive, enjoyed the music together, enjoyed the scenery, enjoyed each other….

From their song,

Please, remember me happily
Please, remember me fondly
Please, remember me mistakenly
Please, remember me as in the dream
Please, remember me my misery
Please, remember me seldomly

Now, I'm going to spend the day remembering and leaving a piece of me.

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  1. So true. All the time people always think of the part of you that's convenient to them.

    Sometimes so annoying, but I think we can't help it.



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