Monday, December 13, 2010


Yes I should be sleeping. I have a final tomorrow. But my head is exploding with rage and I must release it somewhere. This will also be titled "the angry post." Hopefully, there won't be many of these. These things have been a build up for months now and for some odd reason they are trolling through my head.


1. “Omg, I haven’t seen you in 4 years” Maybe because you weren’t a good friend?

2. “You dress like an old lady” It’s on my body, not yours. GETOVER IT.

3. When you are told advice that offends you, take a step back. Realize who the advisor is. Are they intelligent, responsible, aware enough to be even giving advice? Then you realize their advice doesn’t matter and will no longer hurt you.

4. I’d rather sit at home, ALONE, than go out with people.

5. There’s a middle finger for a reason.

6. There’s only one person I can handle seeing everyday, and that’s my boyfriend.

7. When I am emotional I will do everything in my power to be right (even when I’m the screw up).

8. 2 weeks left and he’s gone for 4 years. Give us a break when you hear us crying.

9. People change? You’re looking at one.

10. It’s amazing how a human can feel like a bomb.

I'm not sorry.


  1. I have time likes this too. Good to let it out!!! :o)

  2. I hope you got some sleep and are feeling better this morning!

  3. You shouldn't be sorry. We need to get things like this off our chests.

    I've identified with the better part of this list at one point or another, especially number seven, and I'm glad you mentioned number three, because there are so many situations in which that realization can save bad things from happening.

    I definitely appreciate this post :-)

  4. Oh yeah. All I can say is Oh yeah, sister.

  5. i don't use that middle finger often.. but yeah there's a reason for it... i hate people who judge too much...

  6. Haha you guys are so awesome. I appreciate the support!


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