Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is it time for show and tell?

This particular blog has never been truly mine. Maybe when I first started posting in August I wrote how I felt and admitted what I didn’t. I got worried about who’d stumble across it, as if my name were that important. Which is why my real name wasn’t clarified anywhere until recently. Every now and then I reveal personal moments occurring in my life, especially if they involve my boyfriend (because he’s the love of my life), but alas I have come to the conclusion that I need to open up more. Maybe not so much on here, but it’s a start. Most of you readers, who keep up with me, have been informed that I’m quite the loner. Which is honestly odd of me because my personality is welcoming and I’m quite the spaz (sometimes not in a good way).

So I’ll start this revelation off with a game (and with a bang - couldn't resist). Please feel free to join me in your blog or in the comments below.

My iPod is currently on shuffle and the first song has appeared.

Radiohead - “Idioteque” : The music could easily dismiss what the song is portraying, or it could awaken you (depending on the listener). For me, it’s really sad. It makes me really sad to hear “Who’s in a bunker?” “Here I’m alive, Everything, All of the time.” I am very fortunate and I don’t give enough credit to those who earned it. No, who deserve it. I can be negative a lot because of everything entirely consisting on this planet. Well, not everything. I guess what I’m trying to say is… don’t go grab your lover, or your kid, because you know they’ll be happy from it. Don’t write something you don’t sincerely agree with, or can’t imagine. Don’t act fragile and weak. Don’t let someone else stand up for you. Remember, you’re the only answer to feeling peace.

Mew - “Ending (Secret Track)” : Is a beautiful song. It sounds like a song my boyfriend would create. And I always think that every time I hear it, because I rarely hear it.

Karen O and The Kids - “All Is Love” : Please don’t laugh at me now. At least Karen O is part of this, right?  It’s definitely a happy-go grab your friends- kind of song (also suited for children). “L.O.V.E, it's a mystery where you’ll find me” But it’s the truth isn’t it?

Incubus - “Earth to Bella pt. 1” : Totally needed this song in the 8th grade when I thought I knew who I was, or the 9th, 10th, and so fourth. I recently posted a lyric from this particular song, “Before you swim you’ve gotta be ok to sink.” It reminds me to stop being a pussy and be a woman. Just sayin’.

Coldplay - “The Hardest Part (Live)” : Gosh, I love this song. I love it live. It’s very fitting for me right now. “You left the sweetest taste in my mouth.” You guys don’t want to miss this performance. Although the footage is a bit upsetting at certain moments, the audio is fantastic. Especially if you’re a Coldplay fan ;)

Funny thing how these five songs all relate in one way (other than being great). I want to keep going. Maybe this will be my “new thing” for Wednesdays. It’s already making me feel better.


  1. Don’t write something you don’t sincerely agree with, or can’t imagine.

    That catch me.. I was thinking before reading this that what if the virtual me is not me? What if I'm just making it out.. so that people can like me more??? Hmmm.. maybe not.. but still there's a possibility that I can be just manipulating my image in virtual society... I don't know.. hmmmm nice songs!! x)

    Good that your looking for ideas to make you feel okay.... have a nice one..

  2. I like how your song choices here are more obscure (not the hits.) Means you actually look for good music on your own.

    Radiohead = greatest band since the 70's.


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