Monday, November 1, 2010

The Whole World Is Watching California

Maybe you're not, but your government officials, and people with money, are. Tomorrow is election day and after talking to my boyfriend it has become clear to us how important this election truly is. Prop 19 may or may not pass, which means marijuana may become LEGAL in California.

If you haven't realized by now, I am totally for it. If you are against it, it may be because you don't know the facts. There will be CHANGE in our world when people start getting high. No, people won't be dying more. If you didn't know, not one person has died from marijuana use. People with diseases smoke marijuana and feel better. I couldn't say that for cigarettes or alcohol. Not that I'm saying we should all drive high. It obviously affects us, but it's a good affect. It's like this: alcohol affects the body - your mind is gone, you are unaware, you want to eat, sleep, have sex - it's all about the body. Marijuana is about the mind. People start THINKING when they're high. And if you get people thinking, things start CHANGING.

Why do you think it was banned in the first place? Because in the 60's/70's people were protesting! People getting drafted were burning their cards to not go to Vietnam. People were realizing how much the government HIDES and DECEIVES us. When you think about today, what really happened during 9/11? (obviously it was about oil.) Have they ever admitted what those bombs were doing down in the basement, or HOW they got there? Do you realize we've been at war for 9 years? In fact, we've been in the middle eastern cities since the 70s. It's all about oil, all about money. Why aren't we protesting about that? Why aren't we talking about it? We've been lied to, but no one thinks about it. Because we go about our day, doing our daily routines of getting work done and it becomes "NORMAL" that our army, our people, are in another country fighting for a "good cause."

The whole world is watching California. If it becomes legal here, 12 billion dollars is already going to be given for businesses to start up. We'll stop putting billions of dollars into fighting it. Other states and countries will see how much money we're making (because that's all they care about) and they too will want it to be legalized. Everything we make will be out of  hemp, no more cotton! Which lasts longer by the way. Politics, and the way our country is being run will definitely change.

What about the kids? EDUCATE them. Do you realize because people started educating high school students about drunk driving there has been a LESS percentage? Or even when seat-belts first came out and people started becoming educated about that; there were less accidents. Also if it becomes legal, kids will have a harder time getting ahold of it.

Every thing's going to change, whether you like it or not. Maybe it won't pass tomorrow, but people are going to get mad and it soon WILL become legal in my lifetime.


  1. It’s always amazed me that some of the softer drugs are not legalized. As you so rightly say, when the government stop throwing money into fighting it, they will immediately save. Also, from the money-obsessed government’s point of view, they could actually charge tax on it. Think of what they must me making on alcohol and cigarettes.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. Great post.

    I must agree. There is worse out there that needs to be stopped instead of worrying about marijuana.

  3. I'll be watching to see how it all goes!

  4. Mask - You've nailed it. They will totally tax the crap out of it, but it will be way cheaper than what you would pay to someone who's selling it, or the businesses that sell to people who have medical cards. Obviously laws will be enforced, as there is for alcohol. Seems like everyone wins if it passes!

    Colene - Exactly, but I don't believe a lot of people are educated about marijuana so it is catorgize with hard drugs like meth. It's such a shame that millions of people have been locked up in jail for carrying a plant in the pocket.

    L.T. - Yay! You know I will be too. Lets hope for good results for a better future!

  5. I definitely agree that it will be legal in your lifetime. WHere I live it might as well be legal cause EVERYONE grows it. Well, almost everyone. Marijuana makes me throw up. Bizarre, I know, but it does.
    Watching election coverage now...

    Also - I gave you an award on my blog. You can get it, ignore it or say thanks and move on ;)


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