Thursday, November 11, 2010

13 years old

My city always takes advantage of holidays that allow a parade. People are off work, no school, and it's a windy day for the celebration of Veterans Day. Today is also special because it is my little brother's thirteenth birthday.

Considering I don't have a job (still) I went crafty with his hand-made card from the leftover board-paper I used for my Geography class. I like to draw doodles so I sketched that in, with a story to make him laugh. It included fart jokes (yes, that says fart), you smell jokes, etc. Because even though he's thirteen now, he still finds everything hilarious, ESPECIALLY fart jokes. Not that I'm encouraging immaturity in any way. 

I woke up early this morning to decorate his door before he woke up. First, I tapped a long table-cloth to cover the door, so he couldn't see anything else but that. Once he'd go through that, there is toilet paper hanging everywhere. Once he gets through that, there's a huge sign  tapped to the wall saying "Happy Birthday." Then when he turns left, to go down the hall, there's another sign that says "Big Guy" (a phrase used often around my family.) 

My boyfriend and I were able to buy him a gift after all, so I went to the store after I finished his decoration. I got him an Angels hat (my family is known for being baseball fans, but that's another post), some Adidas cologne,  candy, and a foam football. Yes, he loved everything. Aren't I great sister?


  1. You are a great sister! That's fantastic! :-D What a fun day.

  2. Awe Happy Birthday to the (baby?) Lettuce Head! I really couldn't find another name for younger lettuce...I did try and I know baby sounds sooooo not what a 13 year old guy is! So...okay startin' over. Happy Birthday to your brother!

  3. Happy Birthday to your brother! And, yes, you are a great sister! I doubt that he’ll ever grow out of fart jokes though. My brother used to have a party piece whereby he would demonstrate the flammability of a fart. It hurt to watch!
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  4. ...wish that brother of yours the best:) He's a lucky kid, having an older sibling to look up to!

  5. Happy Birthday to your brother!!

    Wow, that's dedication right there, all that decorating and creating? It's awesome. You are a great sister.

  6. I think this makes you the official #1 bestest big sister ever!

    If you are a lettuce head, would that make him a sprout? Hope the rest of his birthday was just as good, and I guess this means that he'll always have a school-free day for his birthday? What luck!


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