Monday, October 25, 2010


1. When dogs howl at an ambulance it isn't because someone died (have you heard that myth too?) it's because they believe it's another howl. Howling is a long distance dog communication.
2. The bright yellow pencils (click to be sure) have a better eraser than all the other fake erases put on pencils because it doesn't leave marks.
3. I finished one midterm today and I'm pretty sure I scored another A.
4. After Valley Community College, I'm going to San Francisco State University! I hope to be able to share this with my boyfriend, or else a part of me will be missing.
5. I'm so broke I'm collecting our empty water-bottles and taking them to the recycle center.
6. My cousin has breast cancer and it's too late, she has to get them removed.
7. It's going down the family line. They think I might have it too.
8. I had to give blood so they can make sure.
9. I never realized how much you bend your elbows until there was a bandage on one.
10. Apparently, I have "good veins."

In other news...

Gary's pup Penny.

Sam has handed down to me a fantastic award that I get to pass on to four people. If you don't know who Sam is, I suggest you make that effort by going to her page because then you'll soon realize she isn't like most bloggers and her sense of humor makes your day. Go now!.... or wait till after you read the winners ;-)

After her wonderful Animal Writes Blogfest, there's no reason this lady doesn't deserve this award. She has more of those good ideas in her posts!

I've known this girl for five years and trust me, she will always love animals. Read her blog, she has lots to teach us :-)

As sincere as her writing is, I am positive she loves animals too. Positive vibes are definitely in her blog!

How could this girl not love animals? She's truly open-minded and shares good-hearted advice :-)

P.S. I updated my layout. What do ya think?


  1. Sweet layout. Sweet award. Thanks. :) and YAY SF state!!!!!! That is exciting. I love SF. I think I may have left my heart there.

  2. Hey, you've earned it. I'm just the delivery girl :) And yes, SF! I have lots of planning to do.

  3. Aww, thank you! And yes, I DO love animals! We have a dog and two cats. ;) I grew up with horses, also. So yes, I think animals are a huge part of my life. =D

    I used one of those bright yellow pencils today and really liked it. In fact, I stopped writing with it just to check the brand so I could buy more of them. I love when you find the right tools.

  4. Yes it is a very nice layout indeed. I like. San Fran sounds like a good time make sure to try the rice okay? Congrats ;)

  5. Good layout (took me by surprise when I dropped by - had to check I was in the right place :D)

    Glad to see you got Gary's wonderful award. I'm sure it will go far in blogland!

    And our dog, Gypsy, talks to passing ambulances too. She's a husky with, I'm sure, a lot of wolf not too far back.

  6. I was reading Wired magazine, and apparently there's a clinical trial going around in Japan and Europe right now for people who have gone through mastectomy.
    They found that there are stem cells in fat cells, so with a simple liposuction procedure they can recreate breast tissue and inject it back into breasts that have had lumps removed or even if the entire breast is removed.
    It's called Celution by some Cytori Therapeutics. It's not available in the U.S. yet but I can't imagine it would take very much longer.

    Thanks for the mention :)

  7. heya...1st of all nice layout..:) better than before..goin2 SF?kool.....i used2 live a year...had a dog...still have one.nd he howls like the
    dont worry bout the breast cancer..youll be fine..neys great award..lukd a bit funny..:)
    take care..

  8. Love the new layout.

    Well done, getting your A. And, congratulations on going to San Fran – it is a lovely city, I can personally vouch for that.

    When do you get the results of your blood test?
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  9. Congratulations on the mid-term, best of luck on the blood work, and I hope your cousin is doing okay with her news.

    And as a volunteer on the local ambulance I can tell you that the ratio of dogs howling at the ambulance on to patient deaths has so far been roughly...


  10. Love the lay out! Congrats on the midterm!
    Good luck on the cancer and to your sister! (just saw on the news night before last about a bra that stretches the skin out so they can use a needle, suck fat out of problem areas, and make new breasts without surgery! Thought it was cool)
    Will be thinkin' of you all!

  11. I like the layout. I'll be praying for your blood test to go well.

  12. Hoping the best for your blood work! That's scary. Loved the layout. :)

  13. Am I late to see this award.. I checked if I was really the one your pertaining to. Thanks lettuce head!! Weeeeh! This made my day!!!!!

    By the way, your new layout is lovely better than before..

  14. Hey, I love your new layout. Will keep you in my prayers, assuming I'm still being heard in spite of my lack of blind faith.

    By the way, the bright yellow pencils, the ones with the good erasers? I clicked on the link and the description says they have triangular barrels. How do you effectively sharpen a pencil with a triangular barrel? Seriously, now I need to know. I've always wondered that about those flat carpenter pencils too. If you ask me, it doesn't matter how good the eraser is if you can't sharpen the pencil. *grin* I think there may be something profound in that. Or not.

  15. Your layout looks good!! I have an award for you at my blog, do stop by when you can. ;)

  16. I really like your new blog layout. It makes me think that perhaps mine needs an overhaul.
    I hope everything transpires for you in a most positive way. May your blood test results be okay.
    I am so pleased to see you have received the award. I truly hope it brings joy and happiness, wherever it may land in the blogosphere.
    In peace and kindness, Gary :-)


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