Friday, September 10, 2010

What liberates you

Ever since I got my first CD player I've had to listen to music every night before I go to sleep. When I was even younger, I used to sing myself to sleep, so this transition was very appreciative for my parents. They could sleep peacefully while the music rang in my ears. So of course, I went through thousands - ok maybe hundreds - of dollars worth of headphones. Trust me, I'd use each of them to its bare bone! Usually one side of the headphones would stop working and that's when tape came in handy. I remember in Jr. High my brother lent me his Make Yourself album and I kept having to replace the batteries. I think that's why I remember songs so well. Because I hear every note clearly and I'm paying attention to it. Especially the notes they want you to find. But as I listen to each song - as I've always listened to any song - a video is playing in my head. Not anything specific, just whatever comes to mind. But it's powerful and magnificent, and I feel as though I sometimes live in those videos. Every night, as I lye here, playing song after song, I'm in an entire different world. I wouldn't even call it that because I picture worldly things, but the thing is I am no longer in my room. I'm floating in the air, brushing my face through the trees, only to fly towards the open sky. (That's what I pictured as I listened to “Comforting Sounds.”) And although this all sounds cheesy, it’s very liberating for me.


Lettuce Head

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