Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good news!

As you've noticed from last night, I have been a stress magnet for the past few days. Tonight I am finally relieved. Relieved enough that it deserves this smiling picture!

I'll tell ya why :)

My body has been in pure hatred towards me since I was fifteen years old. Since then, I've had infuriating side pains that were unexplainable, and mostly random. I had been to the doctor, have had x-rays, and was told to change my diet. 

I have always been a small person but that didn't mean I was healthy and in shape. I used to drink at least eight coke cans a day, dug my hands into fast food, and by then I was no longer a dancer (and in my dance competitions) that the only exercise I did was walk to school. So when my doctor, back then, urged me to change my diet and see if the pains go away, I firmly believed in her. Not to say I gave everything up right away (because I was very ignorant and didn't care.) 

To jump to today, lets consider all this, shall we?
  • I don't drink soda anymore since about 2 years ago (though I had an off and on moment)
  • I don't eat fast food since about 2 years ago (same as above)
  • I became a vegetarian about 4 months ago
  • I've started running on the treadmill once a week (it's a start...)
  • I read nutrition facts on every item I purchase! (it's becoming a habit)
  • I try to cook healthy food for my boyfriend and I
Although the pains still consisted and I still hadn't figured out why.... today, finally, I had my doctors appointment (that I made an appointment for a month ago.) This doctor is my new doctor (not that lady who gave me x-rays), and at the end of a very long conversation, body checking, big-medical words I can't recall, I'M OK - I'M HEALTHY. In fact, she said she's never seen me so healthy. Probably cause I'm takin' care of my bod ;)

We figured out what those pains had been all along, and I feel too embarrassed to share, but I had to spread the joy of my excitement, at least. The stress I had been building up, and the thoughts of tragedy, are finally off my shoulders. (I know I'm a bit dramatic at times.)

So next time those pains come creeping up on me at night, or in the middle of the day, or right when I wake up, I'll know it'll pass and it's not something to worry about any longer.


Lettuce Head


  1. Its a good epiphany to have, the keeping healthy thing- go you :-) good to have a clean bill of health :-D

  2. Great to hear you’re better. The stress alone makes everything so much worse, as I know all too well. Keep up the good work.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  3. Thanks, you two! Stress is manipulative. Next time it comes along, I'll hide :)

  4. Thank you for popping along to I see you see and joining in the location blog fest! Love your page, and following to. Glad that your a happy chappy today!

  5. Good news chica! Mysterious illnesses can be scary-glad you know what the deal is now. xoxo

  6. I'm looking forward to working on the location, Serena. Very neat idea! Thanks for following too :)

    Hey Sam, thanks! It's been very scary all these years. I don't know why it took this long to figure out, but I'm glad it's over with!

  7. Yeah I'll be you feel like a 50 pound weight has been lifted off your shoulders ey? It takes the doctors a long time to get it together b/c they are just 'practising' medicine so they haven't really figured it out yet. I went through something like that when I was like 11 years old and it blew-so I can totally relate.


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